My Escorting Experience as a London Escort

Do you ever wonder about the daily life of an escort? Most probably not, but suppose you have, your assumptions are highly-likely far away from the truth. Even though precise figures are hard to obtain, the escorts industry is gradually gaining popularity. One female escort in London decided to unearth the naked truth about this line of work.

Starting out escorting at the tender age of 21 years, I have been in the business for more than a decade now. One of my good college friends was the one who first introduced me to this website where you can set up ‘arrangements’ with wealthy men. The first few arrangements were exciting because of my high sexual drive, but a little nerve-cracking. I’m attracted to older men, so once I got the hang of requesting the cash for a hookup upfront, it began coming off naturally.

What Is Good About Escorting?

Call me a busty milf, call girl, courtesan, or whatever, but I’m earning almost ten times what my career path was going to offer me. Every day, I receive an average of 50 notifications from different men seeking a night out. Escorting sits somewhere between regular dating and straight-up escorting because I hardly only have intercourse with these clients. They will take me out for dinner at some high-end restaurants across London, cinema, or even karaoke before we get down. In most cases, I get to meet mature men who typically only need someone they can talk to; the sex just enhances the interaction.

What Challenges Are There in Escorting

Easy money comes with its share of challenges. Ever since I joined this reputable London-based escorting agency, life has never been the same again. First and foremost, this is the last thing in the world I would like my family to know. To date, they believe I work at this sales and marketing company. While the finances keep me going in this industry, escorting has significantly affected my social life. Most of my friends who know my ways don’t like being associated with me for fear of being ridiculed.

Jokers are many in this business, and there are times when potential clients will stand me up. I’ve found solace in cocaine, but it seems to be affecting my health. Besides, this escorting business is physically and mentally exhausting as I hardly have a night off. I’m also constantly worried that I’ll forget what real intimacy feels, despite me being so good at triggering it, with no emotions attached.

Is There A Way Out?

I had planned to quit if I meet someone who’s committed enough, but I’m in love with this easy cash. At times, I will have sex with regular guys- not for a fee! But while with them, I think to myself, ‘I could be making some dollars right now.’ Escorting is one of those professions where separating work from enjoyment is difficult. My advice to you who is thinking about to join escorting is to think about it over and over before making a decision. Bear in mind that the cash is intriguing, but you’ll have to deal with the backlash.