London, hope to see you soon!

This year I decided, no matter what, I will visit London. Doesn't matter if My friends wanna come or not, i will still go. I've heard so many good things about London. You can have a nice dinner there, have a full street with shops, the people are so friendly and so on. Luckily when I was talking with my friends about going to London, one of them said he will come to and meet me. How perfect was that? So, here I am in this airplane, preparing to take of when the girl, sitting next to me starting talking to me. She looked so elegant, with heels on and makeup on. She had the full package. I enjoyed talking with her. We talked during the entire flight. Time went so quickly. In the end we exchanged numbers and promised we will meet a coffee. How perfect was that? I get to go to a nice coffee shop with this girl, who lived in London for the last three years and she has so many to show me. That was a good start for my trip to London. Next day, in the morning, I give this girl a ring and ask her to meet me in city centre to have that coffee. And she accepted. We' ve met in the morning, around 11 pm, after I had my breakfast. We have meet on the Oxford street, where for me was heaven. The shops looked so glamorous and so the people who did shopping there. I was in heaven! :) We had coffee at a nice italian shop, where the coffee was to die for. And then we start walking. And we walked all day, from Oxford street to Buckingham palace and finally arrived at the famous Big Ben and the Eye of London. Again, everything was overwhelming. All the buildings were in pristine condition. I felt in love with this city. I think is on my top 3 favourite cities. After we walked for hours and hours, we stopped for drinks. We talked non stop. It felt like I knew her forever. I think sometimes is easier to talk to strangers. I liked the feeling that I got around her. At the pub where we were for drinks, a friends of hers arrive. When he heard I am in holiday he said he wants to take us to the club. I went to my hotel to change and met them at the club. He reserved for us a table at the Vip section, that costs a little. I think he wanted to impress her. You could see he liked her. Well he impressed me too. He got us something to drink and I started to dance. And I think I danced for a couple of hours. I could see her friend wanted to have alone time with her so I left them in their privacy. Plus, I love to dance, so it was perfect. But couldn' t be all perfect so at a moment a guy approaches them and ask the guy if she is a London escort and if she is available. Then she snapped, she got very angry and wanted to leave. I was trying to tell her to calm down but she couldn't. I don't know why she got so are stupid and drunk and usually say bad things. Anyway, we left, went home and the perfect night ended. We kept keeping in touch even now. And it's been months from then. Apart from this small incident my trip to London was perfect in any ways. I am sure I will visit it very soon and very often. Now, it occupies a very special place in my mind and my hear!

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