About London Nightlife

London is famed for its variety of nightlife across the city. From super clubs to small bars and local pubs, there is something for everyone in this magnificent city. London has over 262 districts, so trying to sum up the nightlife in the city is impossible. However, there are many famous areas which are a must to visit while you are in England’s capital city. Below are some of the best districts in London for the nightlife of all varieties.

Well known for its music scene, Brixton is almost a subculture within London. The people here are amazing and the nightlife is buzzing every night of the week. There are countless little bars around the market area that offer cheaper drinks than the rest of the city and a variety of pubs and clubs for all night drinkers. If you are seeking a more traditional setting, visit one of the numerous old English pubs in the district.



The polar opposite of Brixton, Chelsea is where the rich and famous are found. You may already know Chelsea as the stomping ground of the cast from “Made in Chelsea” and you can expect dazzling bars and clubs here. One of the most popular places here is the infamous “Bluebird” which is where the elite of the district gather.





The stomping ground for young professionals, Clapham is a wonderful area for nightlife. Consisting of four areas around Clapham Junction, the district is easily accessible and boasts some great bars and restaurants. If you love live music, you will discover a wealth of bars with great bands on every night of the week and the competition in the area means you can find great Happy Hour deals.



Covent Garden
In the heart of London, Covent Garden is famed for its street performers and jovial atmosphere. Here you can head to the Opera before enjoying a drink overlooking some of London’s best street acts. The area is usually full of tourists which provide it with a great atmosphere every night of the week.

The most famous district in London, Soho is where you will discover the best nightlife in the city. Clubs, pubs, and restaurants are not in short supply here and you will find many locals who are happy to meet new faces. The area is known for its high prices, however, taking a bit of time to walk around will help you discover some hidden gems here where the prices are more reasonable.
A popular area with the student crowd, Shoreditch is a great place to find cheap drinks and mega clubs. The paved drinking area is known as a quirky and arty place and has a unique vibe. You will discover a plethora of craft beer, hipster food, whiskey, and fun around the Shoreditch area.

Camden Town
Famed for its weekend market, Camden Town also has a wonderful nightlife. This is where countless artists began their careers playing in small venues and if you are a fan of live music, you will have no shortage of choice here. A combination of small bars and huge clubs make this a great night out.